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Welcome To US Communications & Electric, Inc.

Customer/quality assurance and quality control have been a US Communications priority since the founding of our company. As data-networking systems speeds increase, proper cabling installation, termination and testing are becoming ever critical to ensure the reliability of the network. We are consistently complimented on the length that we go to ensure that our work is executed at the highest standards.

US Communications and Electric, Inc. employ’s 8 BICSI (Building Industry Consulting Services International) RCDD’s (Registered Communications Distribution Designer.) RCDD is an internationally recognized designation with a 70% failure rate for first-time test takers. This leadership experience is in addition to BICSI certified Installer L evel I, Installer Level II, and Technicians. This designation complements the three-year apprenticeship that all US Communications field technicians must first undertake. To maintain this high level of certification, US Communications consistently sends our employees to appropriate conferences and educational seminars to remain current on industry standards and upcoming trends.

Additionally, US Communications provides training for all employees on hardware, cable, fiber optics, and testing equipment. Through the combination of these certifications, US Communications installs your entire telecommunications infrastructure in accordance with the applicable manufacturer’s warranty guidelines. Depending on the application, this training ranges between 16-48 hours of additional annual training.

To round out our technical competence, US Communications places great importance on workplace safety. To achieve this important goal, approximately 70% of US Communications field technicians are OSHA 10 or 30 certified and nearly every employee of US Communications received Fit 1 / STI (fire proofing) certification training.

US Communications also holds two State of Ohio Electrical Contractors licenses.

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