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GSA/Ohio State Term Contracts

To meet the needs of our federal, educational, and public sector clients, US Communications has established contract pricing with the United States General Services Administration (“GSA”) and the Ohio Department of Administrative Services (“DAS.”) Contract information is as follows:

  • United States General Services Administration: Contract number GS-35F-0541R
  • Ohio Department of Administrative Services: Schedule number 534294 & index number STS-073

This pricing, available to your organization through the respective cooperative purchasing programs, includes the following commonly requested services and materials:

  • Installation of additional data and/or voice connection locations
  • Copper and fiber optic cable
  • Information technology closet infrastructure equipment
  • Other labor and materials necessary to complete most telecommunication projects

Specifically, over the past 15 years of operation, US Communications clients have leveraged this contract pricing to complete the following types of projects:

  • Classroom Technology: The complete installation of interactive white boards, overhead projectors, and all required audio, video, electrical, and communication wiring.
  • Data & Voice Infrastructure: The installation of over 1,100 voice & data jacks including the build out of six information technology closets to house necessary server and internet equipment.
  • Campus Integration: Installation, termination, and testing of a fiber optic back-bone network to integrate multiple buildings on a government campus.

Contact us today to further discuss leveraging contract pricing for your project.

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